Secure export-controlled technical data.
Manage ITAR and EAR compliance.
Collaborate with the global enterprise.
Compete. All are now possible at once.

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Today’s global high-technology, aerospace, and defense companies have no choice but to comply with international regimes governing export controls, such as ITAR and EAR. With the rise of terrorism and security threats in our world since September 11th, the export regimes are becoming even more strict, in order to preserve the critical interests of global, national, and regional security.

Yet, companies in these industries must keep competitive pace in the global economy, which requires close-knit technological collaboration with worldwide branches, partners, suppliers, and customers. However, with the advancement of collaborative enterprise systems, the risk of unintended data leakage is now at a dangerous point. Myriad scenarios can result in unauthorized transfers of data that are “deemed” as exports, violating the core of these regimes, and subverting security interests. Companies are not even aware of the depth of their violations nowadays, and one simple look under the covers by regulators can reveal hundreds if not thousands of violations.

Fear no more. exportassure™’s suite of export compliance software products will help your organization prevent imminent threats, preserve export compliance, enhance collaboration with your extended global enterprise, and ultimately, help your organization grow. exportassure™ combines recent advances in business rules engines, identity management and rights management to automate export compliance, enabling companies to comply with regulations like ITAR and EAR, yet compete and thrive at the same time.